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2013 Boys (rising U11)                    Thurs Feb 9, 16          Sully Highlands           6:15 to 7:30


2013 Girls (rising U11)                     Thurs Feb 9, 16          Sully Highlands          6:15 to 7:30


2012 Boys (rising u12)                     Monday Feb 6, 13      Centreville HS             6:45 to 8:00


2012 Girls (rising U12)                     Friday Feb 10, 17       Sully Highlands          5:00 to 6:15


2011 Boys (rising U13)                    Wed Feb 8, 15             Arrowhead                  6:15 to 7:30


2011 Girls (rising U13)                     Thurs Feb 9, 16          EC Lawrence              5:00 to 6:30


2010 Boys (rising u14)                     Tues Feb 7, 14           Arrowhead                   5:00 to 6:30


2010 Girls (rising u14)                     Wed Feb 8, 15            Sully Highlands           5:00 to 6:30


2009 Boys (rising U15)                    Thurs Feb 9, 16          Arrowhead                   5:00 to 6:30


2009 Girls (rising U15)                     Tues Feb 7, 14           EC Lawrence                5:00 to 6:30


08/07 Boys (rising U16/17)             Wed Feb 8, 15            Sully Highlands           6:15 to 7:30


08/07 Girls (rising U16/17)             Wed Feb 8, 15            Poplar Tree                  5:00 to 6:15


06/05 Boys (rising U18/19)             Monday Feb 6, 13      Poplar Tree                  5:30 to 7:00


06/05 Girls (rising U18/19              Tues Feb 7, 14           Centreville HS              5:30 to 7:00

About Super-Y League

The goal of the Super-Y League is to provide your club with an experience that is unparalleled in youth soccer. The Super-Y League shares your passion for player development and realizes that in order to be an elite club, you must play in an elite league. Through partnerships with some of the leaders in youth soccer, experienced and professional staff, advanced player tracking, and offering the chance to compete for a North American Championship, the Super-Y League is the best operated youth league in North America, allowing it to stand above the competition.


League Dates

Early June - Early August

Team Formation

This year we will be using combined age groups to form teams. We will enter the following teams and your players placement will be based on what age they will be in the FALL season of 2023.

U11 (2013 born players)

U12 (2012 born players)

U13 (2011 born players)

U14 (2010 born players)

U15 (2009 born players)

U16/U17 (2008/2007)

U18/U19 (2006/2005)


2x per week on Valor fields


6-8 games per season, typically on weekends but there is a chance for some mid-week games

Coaching Slate




Is done via Valor and the demosphere system



*Dues will start to be collected in March-April and can be broken in to 2 payments

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