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I’d like to take a second to introduce myself. My name is Daryl Jones and I have coached at Virginia Valor FC since 2021. I also work as a teacher of nutrition, cooking, and gardening in DCPS and have a BS in food nutrition graduating Magna Cum Laude (I love to add that part because I earned it). 

I love nutrition and believe that it is a very important part of the development of athletes, students, and our community. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that there is enough time dedicated to understanding how important what we eat is and the effect it has on our minds and bodies. I want to take this opportunity to write a little about this topic that I am passionate about and hope to be a resource for anyone that has questions that I can answer or has information that I should know. 

If there is anything you have a question about, please feel free to reach out. I love to share information as well as learn new things. I can be reached at

I will also hold a talk about nutrition over the winter so we can have a live discussion about nutrition for anyone that is interested.


I’m looking forward to this year and working with great athletes and families at Valor FC!

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