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Begin the journey where your child discovers their passion for soccer at Virginia Valor FC, learns the importance of teamwork, and creates lifelong friendships!

It's more than soccer; it's the foundation of a joyful, active lifestyle. The early years at Valor are critical in nurturing a child's innate curiosity and enthusiasm. As they start their soccer journey with us, the emphasis on fun, engagement, and basic skill development ensures they not only fall in love with the game but also grasp fundamental life skills such as cooperation, respect, and discipline. 


The positive environment at Virginia Valor FC fosters a sense of belonging and self-confidence, laying the groundwork for a healthy, active approach to life that carries into adulthood. This foundation is instrumental in shaping their approach to challenges and opportunities in the future, promoting a balanced and enriched life.

Emphasize Fun in Learning

Utilize engaging, fun games for skill introduction, ensuring all activities promote active participation and a passion for soccer.

Comprehensive Skill and Growth Focus

Blend fundamental soccer skills development with life lessons, using age-appropriate drills and small-sided games that encourage teamwork, respect, and discipline. This approach fosters not just soccer proficiency but also a mindset geared towards continuous learning and improvement.

Teamwork, Respect, and Self-Confidence

Team-based activities that emphasize cooperation with a coaching style that respects and disciplines positively, reinforcing the importance of respect for all. This environment cultivates self-confidence by recognizing individual efforts and teaching resilience.

Encourage Active and Healthy Lifestyles

Promote physical activity joyfully through soccer, incorporating discussions on nutrition and the benefits of an active life to instill lifelong healthy habits.

AGES 8-10




  • Fundamentals: Emphasis on basic skills like dribbling, passing, receiving, and shooting.

  • Ball Mastery: Encouraging players to be comfortable with the ball, using both feet.

  • Individual Play: Focus on individual skills development through fun games and activities.


  • Basic Understanding: Introduction to simple soccer tactics such as space creation and understanding of positional play.

  • Small-Sided Games: Use small-sided games to develop basic attacking and defensive principles.

  • Simple Decision-Making: Foster basic decision-making through play.


  • Motor Skills: Develop coordination, balance, and agility through soccer-specific movements.

  • Active Lifestyle: Encourage an active lifestyle and introduce soccer as a fun way to exercise.

  • Basic Physical Fitness: Focus on general physical fitness tailored for young athletes.


  • Teamwork and Social Skills: Foster teamwork and communication among players.

  • Confidence and Enjoyment: Build confidence and ensure soccer is enjoyable, promoting a positive attitude towards the game and physical activity.

  • Respect and Discipline: Teach respect for coaches, teammates, and opponents, and instill discipline in training and matches.


As your child grows, so does their game with Valor. Through elite coaching and overcoming challenges, they'll develop resilience and character that shines on and off the field at Virginia Valor FC. This is a top priority for this age band, and one that will propel them into their future.

This stage is about transforming potential into skill, setting the stage for future success. During these formative years at Valor, children are encouraged to push beyond their limits, learning to manage failure and success with grace. The focus on personal and athletic growth fosters a growth mindset, crucial for academic and personal achievements. 


As they hone their skills, they also learn the value of hard work, perseverance, and dedication, qualities that are invaluable in all walks of life. The resilience they build here prepares them for the complexities of teenage years and beyond, ensuring they can navigate life's ups and downs. With confidence and the ability to manage their emotions and situations, our players will learn the right practices to best suite their future.

Advanced Skill Development:

Focus on advanced technical skills and game-pressure scenarios to enhance ability, decision-making, and adaptability, encouraging players to elevate their game under competitive conditions.

Challenge and Overcome:

Use challenging drills and goal-setting to cultivate problem-solving skills, resilience, and a culture of excellence, encouraging persistence through adversity.

Growth Through Reflection and Teamwork:

Combine the management of failure and success with fostering a growth mindset through constructive feedback and team collaboration. This approach teaches players to view outcomes as opportunities for learning, promoting a continuous improvement attitude and the importance of mutual support in personal and athletic growth.

Character Development and Future Preparedness:

Link the development of hard work, discipline, and leadership skills with preparation for future challenges. This includes mental toughness training and exposure to higher-level competitions, ensuring players are well-equipped for the complexities of teenage years and beyond, both on and off the field.

AGES 11-13




  • Advanced Skills: Prioritize enhancing dribbling, passing, and shooting skills with a focus on precision and control.

  • Position-Specific Techniques: Introduce techniques specific to different playing positions.


  • Tactical Awareness: Develop understanding of roles, formations, and strategies.

  • Problem-Solving: Encourage tactical decision-making and problem-solving on the field.


  • Strength and Endurance: Incorporate strength and endurance training suitable for early adolescents.

  • Agility and Speed: Emphasize agility and speed training, recognizing growth spurts and physical development.


  • Team Dynamics and Leadership: Foster teamwork, leadership, and communication skills.

  • Emotional Management: Teach techniques for managing emotions and stress in competitive environments.


Elite Competitive Training:

Intensify trainings to include high-level technical drills, tactical understanding, and physical conditioning, ensuring players can compete at elite levels. Engage in regular competitive matches and tournaments that offer exposure to college recruiters, providing a platform for talent showcase.

Strategic and Tactical Excellence:

Incorporate advanced tactical sessions that focus on game analysis, understanding complex strategies, and applying them in real-time scenarios to develop strategic thinkers.

Leadership Development and Balance:

Combine leadership training with the development of personal balance by offering leadership roles, like captaincy, and teaching the importance of managing soccer, academics, and personal life. This approach nurtures responsibility, empathy, and effective communication, while also focusing on mental health, stress management, and coping strategies.


Preparation for the Future:

Provide guidance on college recruitment, career planning, and life skills, preparing players for the transition to college and beyond. This is supported by opportunities for community engagement and volunteering, fostering a sense of responsibility and contribution to society.

This is where dreams get bigger and goals get higher with Valor. Your child will compete at the highest levels, gaining exposure to college recruits and shaping a competitive spirit at Virginia Valor FC. 

Leadership opportunities empower them to inspire others, embodying the qualities of true champions. At this pivotal stage, teenagers at Valor are equipped with the tools to pursue excellence, not just in soccer, but in all aspects of their lives. The challenges and competitions they face teach them about commitment, strategic thinking, and the importance of maintaining balance. 


The leadership roles they assume are critical in developing empathy, communication skills, and the ability to motivate and lead others. These experiences are invaluable as they prepare for college, careers, and life, setting them apart as individuals who strive for excellence in everything they do.

AGES 14-16




  • Advanced Skills: Emphasizing precision in dribbling, passing, and shooting.

  • Position-Specific Training: Tailoring training to the technical demands of each player's position.


  • Tactical Awareness: Developing a deeper understanding of game strategy and positional play.

  • Team Cohesion: Focusing on teamwork and advanced playmaking.


  • Strength and Endurance: Prioritizing physical conditioning to improve strength, speed, and endurance.

  • Injury Prevention: Implementing exercises aimed at preventing injuries.


  • Leadership and Responsibility: Encouraging players to take on leadership roles and demonstrate responsibility.

  • Emotional Management: Teaching players to manage emotions and stress positively.


Advanced Technical Mastery:

Concentrate on elite-level technical skill refinement and high-intensity training to prepare players for collegiate or professional play, emphasizing performance under pressure.


Tactical Expertise and Game Intelligence:

Deepen understanding of advanced game strategies and tactical flexibility, using professional match analysis to enhance decision-making and on-field intelligence.


Mentorship and Leadership Development:

Implement mentoring programs for younger athletes, fostering responsibility, kindness, and leadership, complemented by workshops to develop these qualities in a team context.


Preparation for Collegiate/Professional Opportunities and Holistic Development:

Combine college recruitment support with networking opportunities and seminars on life skills, financial literacy, and career planning, ensuring players are well-prepared for the complexities of higher education, professional sports, and life beyond soccer.

In these pivotal years, your child will leave their mark on the club at Valor, mentoring younger players while preparing for collegiate play or other future endeavors. It's a time to celebrate their journey, achievements, and the incredible person they've become with Virginia Valor FC. 

This stage is about cementing a legacy of leadership, excellence, and impact at Valor. As they mentor younger players, they reinforce their own learning and exemplify the virtues of responsibility, kindness, and guidance. Preparing for the future, whether in soccer, academics, or other fields, they draw on the wealth of experiences gained through their journey with Virginia Valor FC. 


The skills, habits, and networks they've developed open doors to opportunities in higher education, professional sports, and beyond. It's a launchpad for a future where they not only achieve their dreams but also contribute positively to society.

AGES 17-18




  • High-Level Skills: Perfecting technical skills under pressure and in various situations.


  • Strategic Mastery: Advanced understanding of tactics, strategy, and game management.


  • Peak Physical Conditioning: Focus on maximizing physical capabilities and specific fitness for soccer.


Professional Attitude: Developing a professional approach to training, competition, and teamwork.

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