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This Valor Rising training program is Open to all players who want to be  dedicated and wish to be exceptional. This program is for players born in 2017 & 2018 looking to enhance their soccer learning experience and prepare for travel soccer. Rising Valor is designed to create an environment for individual player development for players who desire a higher level of coaching and training and show great passion for the game of soccer.  This program is designed for all soccer players who have a desire to learn and grow, and potentially play in the Virginia Valor FC travel soccer program in the Fall of 2025.   

The program will encourage individual and small group play development.  The focus of the program is to create an environment that encourages risk-taking and creativity, individual decision-making skills, advanced skill development, and most importantly a fun environment that instills a love for the game.  The coaching model that will be used focuses on guided discovery versus command teaching to allow players the opportunity to enhance individual problem solving.  Coaching through positive, constructive, brief, and specific feedback. 

It is recognized by both SYA and CYA recreational soccer that our organizations, if aligned in a thoughtful, progressive manner, will be stronger as a consolidated entity. With this understanding, SYA and CYA are committing to pursue a collaboration of the two clubs to form the travel soccer partnership, Virginia Valor FC

If you have any questions please email:

Program Contact: Kyle Lewis (

Rising Valor Lite – Program Details

  • Cost is $99 for the Fall Program

  • Dates - Mondays

    • 9/16​

    • 9/23

    • 9/30

    • 10/7

    • 10/21

    • 10/28

    • Make up date 11/4

  • All sessions on turf


**This program is meant to enhance and compliment the recreational soccer experience**


Rising Valor Lite – Program Highlights

  • Players will continue to Play in either CYA or SYA Rec Programs.

  • Training is broken down into three a’la cart seasons

    • Players do not have to participate in all 3 season (fall/winter/spring)

  • Fall Season: Players will train once a week with Professional Valor Staff in addition to their rec team schedule.

  • Winter: Players will train once a week indoor with Professional Staff from Valor.

  • Spring Season: Players will train once a week with Professional Valor Staff in addition to their rec team schedule.

  • Players are encouraged to play in both Fall and Spring All-Star tournaments if selected.

  • Fees per session range $100 - $195. (Winter sessions are more expensive due to rental fees for indoor space)

  • Players receive one training jersey/top that can be used at any of the fall/winter/spring sessions!


POC - Kyle Lewis (

This program is a supplemental program and does not replace SYA/CYA and any other additional recreational practices/leagues, but rather encourages both to be done together as they are meant to compliment one another in preparation for travel soccer at U9.  

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